Welcome Tucumcari to Plateau

WELCOME Tucumcari

You may have heard the news: Plateau has entered into an agreement with Comcast to purchase the cable TV system in Tucumcari! Plateau is excited to be able to serve you and wanted to take a moment of your time to explain the process and what the future holds.

Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) Upgrade

Plateau's goal is to upgrade the system to Fiber to the Premises technology, which simply means Plateau will be replacing the existing coaxial cable that serves all the homes and businesses with fiber optic cable. This upgrade will not only improve your TV service, but will also give you access to the best internet technology anywhere at unbeatable pricing. Plateau's fiber internet pricing is one of the lowest in the nation! We hope you are excited to finally witness the TruGig™ experience with Plateau Fiber.

The process of upgrading to fiber optic cable will take some time. Plateau expects to begin changing out the current cable to fiber shortly after the purchase is closed. Most existing customers will be converted to Fiber to the Premises sometime around the beginning of 2019.

Transition Period

When the purchase closes and while the network is being upgraded, Plateau will continue providing a TV package on the current cable TV system that closely matches the programming you have today. Enclosed is the channel lineup. All customers will receive the entire channel lineup during the transition period for $57.95 ($49.95 for Limited Basic and $8.00 for the Broadcast TV Fee) plus taxes and regulatory fees. This should be a savings for most of you and be no higher than your current service from Comcast.

Comcast will be sending you a final Comcast bill after the closing for your service up to the closing date. It will be your responsibility to pay any amounts due with Comcast, if applicable. You will receive your first Plateau bill after the closing date and your first bill from Plateau will have a one month credit applied to express our appreciation and excitement for becoming a Plateau customer. Please see the enclosed frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet for a more detailed description of Plateau's bill timing.

Closing Day

Plateau expects the sale to close quickly and it is currently scheduled to be completed on or around September 24th. On that day, we will switch from the Comcast video feed to Plateau's. We anticipate starting the work mid-morning and expect this to last a couple hours. Your service will be interrupted during this switchover. Once the switchover to Plateau's video feed is complete, all the channels will be delivered in an analog format. This means if you have a Set Top Box from Comcast on any of your TVs, you will need to remove the Set Top Box and plug your TV directly into your cable outlet. The FAQ has more information and you can always call us if you have any questions or would like assistance.

In Closing

We are excited about this opportunity to provide service to you and upgrade the network to the latest technology available. We appreciate your patience during the transition period and will work hard to make the transition as transparent as possible.

Once you are converted to fiber, you will not only have access to ultra-fast high speed internet, you will also have access to an abundance of HDTV programming. You’ll be able to stream movies or binge watch all those shows you’ve been missing on your favorite online video TV service.

Welcome to the Plateau family! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-877-752-8328.


David Robinson's Signature

David Robinson

The purchase is scheduled to be completed September 24th. Once the purchase is complete, Plateau will be providing cable TV service to the previous Comcast customers. We will be broadcasting most of the channels you currently have during a transition period while we upgrade the network to fiber. Please see www.plateau.tv/tucumcari for the transition channel lineup.

Plateau began its existence to provide telecommunication services to the unserved and under-served. We believe the people of Tucumcari deserve to be served with the best broadband technology available, Fiber-to-the-Premises! Plateau purchased the Comcast cable TV system to get access to the aerial pole attachments where it is more economical to build a Fiber-to-the-Premises network.

Plateau is committed to keeping your rates close to what you were paying to Comcast during the transition period. You will have the opportunity to upgrade your service to a more robust TV package after we have completed the system upgrade to fiber.

Yes, you will not need a set top box during the transition period. If you currently have a set top box with your Comcast service, you will need to unhook from that box and run the cable direct to your TV. If you have any difficulties, please call Plateau support at 1.877.PLATEAU (1.877.752.8328) for assistance.

Once you have hooked the cable directly to your TV, you may need to run a channel scan. This will depend on the age of your TV and its settings. If you cannot view all the channels in our transition channel lineup, you probably need to run a channel scan. To run a channel scan, you typically will go into the TV menu and select “Setup”. From there, you should see an option to scan available channels for cable. Select that option; then select start. Once the scan completes, all channels should be available for viewing. If you have any difficulties, please call Plateau support at 1.877.PLATEAU (1.877.752.8328) for assistance.

Yes. While we tried to match the exact channels you have today, we do not have access to all the same channels. Please see “Transition Channel Lineup” for Tucumcari.

Plateau will not have a company owned store in Tucumcari at this time. We have a trusted agent dealer, A to Z Cellular & More, located at 123 East Main Street. We also have a Plateau store nearby in Logan. Visit www.plateautel.com for more on Plateau Store and Agent locations.

You have several options for reaching us. You can email us at plateaufiber@plateautel.com, chat online at our website or call 1.877.PLATEAU (1.877.752.8328).

Yes. Some areas of Tucumcari already have Plateau Fiber. If you live in one of these areas, you can sign up for Plateau Fiber services today! If you are in an area that we will be expanding our fiber network into, you can either sign up now or we will keep everyone updated on Plateau Fiber availability on our www.plateaufiber.com website, and you can sign up when it is available.

Some areas already have Plateau Fiber available. You can see where it is available today at www.plateaufiber.com. We plan to overlay fiber everywhere else that Comcast has cable TV. This will be most, if not all, neighborhoods within the Tucumcari city limits.

Current Comcast customers will not be required to take internet in order to keep TV service. Once fiber is built, you will need to switch to one of the PlateauTV packages. We will not require current Comcast subscribers to commit to a contract or charge for the installation of the new fiber service. All new residential customers will be required to subscribe to internet service in order to get PlateauTV or telephone services. New residential customers can choose either a $99 installation charge without a term commitment or Plateau will waive the $99 installation charge for a one-year service commitment.

No. We believe customers should have a choice in transactions like this. Even if you were under contract, you will be allowed to terminate it. However, we believe you will be so impressed with Plateau and our fiber technology you won’t go anywhere!

You will continue to pay Comcast as long as you receive a bill from them. Once the transition is complete, Plateau will send you a bill, and you will send Plateau your payment as long as you maintain the service.

If you already subscribe to a service from Plateau, such as our LTE Home internet service, you will remain on the same billing cycle. If you are a new Plateau customer, the default billing date for new services is on the 8th of the month. Your bill will be due 19 days after the bill date, or the 27th of each month. You can pay by cash, check or credit/debit card. You can pay by mail, in-person, or on-line (check or credit/debit only). To express our appreciation for your patience during our upgrade process, we will be crediting everyone one month of service on your first bill.

Once the fiber upgrade is complete and you switch to our full Plateau TV service, you will have full access to an abundance of channels and HD TV offerings. Check them out at www.plateau.tv. Because Plateau TV is all digital and we do not have bandwidth limitations on our fiber network, the quality is truly impressive.

  • Once the sale closes, Plateau will begin overlaying fiber throughout the neighborhoods within 60 days. We expect to finish fiber construction sometime early in 2019. We will keep you updated on construction progress and contact you when your area is ready.

  • We want to be clear about where we are building out the fiber: We are overlaying fiber only on the poles where Comcast currently has cable. We are aware there are some CenturyLink customers outside the city limits that do not have Comcast today and at this time we have no plans to build in that area.

Plateau has offered positions to both local employees and they have accepted. Plateau believes it's important for those employees to join our company for a smooth transition. These employees have provided excellent customer service in Tucumcari for years and we're excited for them to join the Plateau team.

Limited Basic
$57.95 / month
  • 41 Channels
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Taxes and regulatory fees not included.